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Soil Products

High Quality Material available for pickup or delivery.

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McGill SoilBuilder rebuilds poor soil by increasing organic matter, replenishing the soil microbes responsible for nutrient uptake and impoving water managment. 100% recycled content, you can feel good about helping the planet



Topsoil consists of screened topsoil, sand, pine bark fines, and 10% turkey compost. Some general uses for topsoil include: soil amendments, soil leveler, and sod & turfgrass seed installation base

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Fill Dirt/ Sand

Fill Dirt/Sand is an affordable alternative to topsoil when the intended use is for leveling ground depressions, filling in holes and building up low lying areas. Fill Dirt/Sand has little to no nutritive value. If you are considering its use for planting material, you may have to have it amended with a topsoil or an organic compost.

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Concrete Sand

White Sand is not the same as Fill Dirt/Sand. It is very "clean" with virtually no debris. White Sand is commonly used as an additive to cement, on golf courses as bunker sand, on beach volleyball courts and in sandboxes.

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Morter Sand

Morter Sand is finer than concrete sand and commonly used in masonry.

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