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Centipede is a thick sod forming, uniform slow- growing, coarse-textured and meduim to light green colored grass that is adapted for use in low maintenance situations. It is the most common turf type used by builders and developers because of the relatively inexpensive cost. Centipede turfgrass spreads by stolons. It does not tolerate traffic, compaction, high pH, excessive thatch, drought, or heavy shade. 


 St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a coarse, wide-bladed, dense dark green turfgrass. Of all the warm season grasses, it is the least cold tolerant and has the coarsest leaf texture. It grows best in warm, humid areas that are not exposed to long periods of cold weather. Part shade tolerant.



Bermuda is a medium to fine textured turfgrass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons. It has  excellent heat, drought, and salt tolerance, but does not do well in shade. Bermuda is the most widely used species on athletic fields and golf course fairways/tee boxes due to its high wear tolerance and rapid recovery.



Zoysia is a turgrass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons to produce a very dense, wear resistant turf. Traditionally a fine blade grass, but new varieties  such as JaMur, offer a wider blade and increased drought and disease resistance. Zoysia is also stiff to the touch and offers more resistance than Bermuda. Shade tolerant. Zoysia comes in many different varieties. The most commonly used in Zone 8 are: Zennith, Zorro, Empire, Emerald and JaMur.

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