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Cabbage Palm/Sabal

Costapalmate Leaves. Grows to 40 ft in height. (Slow Grower). USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full Sun. Tolerant of salt spray on foliage, but not root zone. Produce 1/4 inch black fruit in late summer. Fertilize 3 times a year with 1 lb of 8-2-12-4.


 Sago Palm

Compound Pinnate Leaves. Grows slow up to 15 ft tall with 10-12 foot spread. USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full Sun to Partial Shade. Requires good drainage. Prune Annually. Fertilize 3-4 times a year with 1lb of 12-4-12-4.


 European/Mediterranean Fan Palm

Palmate Leaves. Grows 8-15 ft tall. (Slow Grower) USDA rated Zone 8 - Partial Shade to Partial Sun. High drought tolerance. Poor salty soil tolerance.


 Pindo Palm/Jelly Palm

Compound Pinnate Leaves. Grows up to 20 ft in height. (Slow Grower) Grows best with regular watering. USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full Sun to Partial Shade. Moderately tolerant of salt spray on foliage. High drought tolerance in well drained sandy soil. Produces large orange yellow clusters of fruit in summer. Fertilize 4-6 times a year with 1-2 lbs of palm fertilizer.


Silver Date/Phoenix sylvestris Palm

Pinnate Leaves. Grows up to 40 ft in height. (Slow Grower) USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full Sun. Moderately tolerant of salt spray. Produces 1 inch long clustering of fruits and small white blossoms among the leaves.


Windmill Palm

Palmate Leaves. Grows 10-20 ft in height. (Slow Grower) USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full Sun to Partial Shade. Cold hardy and tolerant of light snow. Moderately tolerant of salt spray. Produces .5 to 1 inch blue fruits that do not attract wildlife and is not a litter problem.


Mexican Fan Palm

Costapalmate Leaves. Grows to 40-50 ft. in height. (Fast Grower, can reach 80-90 ft in optimum conditions) USDA rated for Zone 8 - Full sun. Needs well drained soil. Moderately tolerant of salt spray. High drought tolerance. Produces showy white-grey flowers and black fleshy fruit less than .5 inches in diameter.

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